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    [(nobranch,rebasingotinto/AutoRPE#91)]: # This is a combination of 49 commits. · 2fcdfdf5
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    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: CleanCode cleans code, and has to be used to produce sources for ImplementRPEtoSources and MakeVault scripts
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Function preprocess_sources now divided between the part that cleans the code and the one that creates files with RPE type declaration
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: No tmp folder are required in MakeVault.
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Removed some unused function, and removed useless layer for getting members of structures
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: BugFix for allocate with '::'symbol detected as var declaration
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Update of the test with refactoring, and fix for imports`
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Added array for external types used and manage the case a external type is used
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Test for the find_function_type_from_header were failing, fixed a bug. Closing Issue #93
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Fixed for: functions as arugments, external variables as arguments, a call to get_type_of_contents was made without specifying the routine.
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Introduction of get_function_type , to shorten a bit get_type_of_contents, that is still too long.
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]:  Regex for hardcoded array was matching with array inside function. Closes #95 .
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: check for keyword argument was missing in  get_dimension_of_contents
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Partially fix the case a write statement was using an array. Added corresponding test
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Changed the name of replace_real to replace_real_with_RPE_declaration + refactoring
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Fixed and moved regex for real declaration (Issue #96 ). Small renaming
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]:  This solves the variables duplication
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Function/Subroutine/Interfaces are subprograms, Function/Subroutine/Interfaces/Main/DerivedType are procedures. Everything was mixed, and called routine, sometimes procedure.
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Renamed function that fill dictionary of var, and fix the syntax.
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: Trying to speed up with dictionary otinto/AutoRPE#41
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: DerivedType class moved to BasicStructure for coherency. Changes for adding the dict of accessible_var
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]: is_call_to_function_vault added check for intrinsics + added check for array  to is_call_to_function+Formatting
    [otinto/AutoRPE#91]:fix import + get_variable_by_name: now properly uses dictionary accessible_var, in the correct order + function for filling those dict
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