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    [Issue#77]: # This is a combination of 42 commits. · cd939da3
    sparonuz authored
    [Issue#77]: Fix bug in update_blocks: the father block was not correctely set
    [Issue#77]: Remove CodeCleaner.py
    [Issue#77]: function read_file removed from ReadSourceFile class. class ReadSourceFile moved to SourceFile
    [Issue#77]: Removed SourceManager: it was containing functions that belonged somwhere else.
    [Issue#77]: Fix for issue #147: these scripts are now useless
    [Issue#77]: Added parameter working precision to function that checks if two types are equivalent
    [Issue#77]: FIX: get_type_of_content was giving char for argument that are function with char argument, but the function per se was not char
    [Issue#77]: Module class was loading again lines from source file, which is kind of overkill, since this is already done by SourceFile class. This is moreover wrong is some changes were done in between
    [Issue#77]: SubprogramCall has now a member to store the block were the call is done
    [Issue#77]: Functions to add cast to non coherent calls: for the moment has been tested on the firs calls found
    [Issue#77]: Added function to create a regex for name occurrence: was failing if name contained parenthesis
    [Issue#77]: Now adds the #  include \"single_precision_substitute.h90\" clause
    [Issue#77]: Added fix for reshapes
    [Issue#77]: Dependece were not propagated correctely because the id property was used: it did't make much sense
    [Issue#77]: For the moment commented out the part that should suggest to create an interface
    [Issue#77]: added function to escape string to put them in regex
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