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# AutoRPE
(.. from Automatic Reduced Precision Emulator )
Tool to automatically implement the Reduced Precision Emulator into a Fortran code.
### Instructions
**AutoRPE** is a tool designed to help with the optimization of
numerical precision of Computational Science models writen in FORTRAN.
To use the tool follow the steps below:
- Put the sources to be processed into **ModelSources/Input** directory.
- Create/modify a file **lost_of_files_to_keep_unmodified.txt** inside **AdditionalFiles** with the names of the files that shouldn't be modified (usually external routines, mpi...)
- Launch ```python```
- Be ready to solve the issues that will appear.
It was originally developed to work with the ocean model NEMO, although it might
work other FORTRAN codes.
### Create the namelist is an additional script that will generate a namelist where the precision of the variables can be specified.
It needs the **vault.pkl** file generated when the implementation is done.
In the [**wiki of the repository**](
more information on how to install, use the tool and more can be found.
### Solving problems
Probaly the best way to manage the issues that will apear with the tool is using the gitlab platform itself.
Let the party begin!
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