Commit 345c0777 authored by sparonuz's avatar sparonuz
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[Issue#81]: Switch between key order

parent f073f216
......@@ -1520,7 +1520,7 @@ class ImplementRPE(ReadSourceFile):
def fix_functions(self):
current_block = Current_block(self.module.main())
for line_index, line in enumerate(self.lines):
function_calls = calls_to_functions(line, self.source_info, current_routine=current_block.routine)
function_calls = calls_to_functions(line, routine=current_block.routine, vault=self.source_info)
if not function_calls:
# If not, look if the code is entering or exiting a routine block
current_block = in_which_block(line, current_block, vault=self.source_info)
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ def retrieve_real_in_line(line, vault, current_block, check=False):
# Search for calls to subroutines
routine_calls = calls_to_routines(line)
function_calls = calls_to_functions(line, current_block.routine, vault)
function_calls = calls_to_functions(line, routine=current_block.routine, vault=vault)
if check:
null_return_val = [None, None, None, None, None]
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