Commit 6a46e715 authored by erodrigu's avatar erodrigu
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Fixed variable name

parent df5bb2fe
...@@ -418,13 +418,13 @@ class ImplementRPE: ...@@ -418,13 +418,13 @@ class ImplementRPE:
line = self._fix_external_call(s_call, line) line = self._fix_external_call(s_call, line)
return line return line
def _check_and_fix_call(self, line, serach_line, block): def _check_and_fix_call(self, line, search_line, block):
subprogram_call = \ subprogram_call = \
CallManager.get_procedure_inline(serach_line, self.vault, block) CallManager.get_procedure_inline(search_line, self.vault, block)
# If something was found check if can be fixed # If something was found check if can be fixed
if subprogram_call: if subprogram_call:
temp = self._fix_arguments(line, subprogram_call) temp = self._fix_arguments(search_line, subprogram_call)
return line.replace(serach_line, temp) return line.replace(search_line, temp)
return line return line
def fix_subprogram_calls(self, module): def fix_subprogram_calls(self, module):
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