Commit 6ebed1fb authored by Oriol Tintó-Prims's avatar Oriol Tintó-Prims
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Instead of casting to sp, cast to wp to ensure that compiles also without key_single.

parent 2ba293ac
......@@ -58,6 +58,9 @@ def find_call_in_original_file(routine, argument, argument_index, _file, target_
if new_argument.count("REAL(REAL("):
patt = "REAL\((.*),(.*)\)"
m =, argument)
# TODO: Probably shouldn't use sp and wp since those are model specific.
if target_type == "sp":
target_type = "wp"
new_argument = "REAL(%s, %s)" % (, target_type)
# Fix the pattern to account for regex rules
pattern = r"\b%s\b####\b%s" % (routine, argument)
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