Commit 73de377e authored by erodrigu's avatar erodrigu
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Capture write statements with a REGEX and case insensitive

parent 13d8fcd1
......@@ -242,8 +242,8 @@ class ImplementRPE:
pattern = "^[^\!]*\s*write\([^()]*\) (.*)."
for l_index, line in enumerate(module.lines):
if"WRITE *\(", line):
wc = BasicFunctions.close_brackets(line[line.find("WRITE"):])
if"(?<!\w)(WRITE) *\(", line, re.IGNORECASE):
wc = BasicFunctions.close_brackets(line[line.lower().find("write"):])
line = line.replace(wc, "WRITE()")
matches =, line.strip(), re.IGNORECASE)
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