Commit 970efbe2 authored by Oriol Tintó-Prims's avatar Oriol Tintó-Prims
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......@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@ import signal
class GracefulKiller:
This class is used to allow the user to stop an analysis at any point creating a pause_checkpoint.pkl which
can be used in the future to restart the analysis from the same point.
It uses the signal library to catch signals.
kill_now = False
def __init__(self):
......@@ -15,6 +21,9 @@ class GracefulKiller:
class PrecisionAnalysis:
The precision analysis class has the purpose of
def __init__(self, remote_hostname=None, remote_user=None, remote_scratch=None, job_template=None, vault=None,
reduced_precision_level=10, max_running_jobs=10, experiment_name="PrecisionAnalysis",
dummy=False, checkpoint_name=None, assertion_template=None,
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