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Reference Data

Here you can find information about all the reference data available in the ES repository and used for analyzing data and climate models and for climate prediction.

Data Guidelines and Conventions

The structure of the data paths:

Scheme of the data directory

All directories and the files belonging to the shared repositories must follow the defined conventions:

Conventions for the shared repositories

Any petition of data download must be documented in the trello board:

Atmospheric Composition

In addition, the atmospheric composition data should follow the formatting described in: BSC-AC Data Storage Guidelines 2017-03, which can be found on editable format here

The variable names, units and other attributes must follow the defined conventions, which can also be downloaded from the corresponding BSC-AC 2016-002 Annex to the aforementioned technical report.

All experiments have to be documented in the experiments table

Theory and basic information

In this section you can find some theoretical information about the data:

Theoretical information

Mars information

Data Inventory

Reanalysis Data

Sources of reanalysis data, description of the data and how it is generated and information relating to the project/experiment/group providing the data

Observations Data
Experiment Data

Data generated by ES members and other external sources, with information on the experiment id.


  • CMOR tables for different projects (SPECS, CMIP6)

Relation between old and new organization

This document shows the new location of the data in relation with the old organization: ods

Important: Keep in mind that old paths will be available until the 9th of September of 2016 and new data will be added directly to the new paths, so please update your scripts accordingly as soon as possible.

Machine Learning Applications in Earth Sciences

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