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Climate_services Position: Climate projection expert for climate services research activities

Closing Date: XX

Area: Earth Sciences

Job Description:

Context and Mission:

The mission of the Earth Sciences Department (BSC-ES) is to do research and transfer technology and knowledge to support a range of socio-economic sectors through the development and use of air quality, mineral dust, atmospheric, and climate models at both global and regional scales through the innovative capacity of its researchers and the efficient use of HPC and Big Data technologies.

Within the BSC-ES, the Earth System Services (ESS) group researches the impact of weather, atmospheric chemistry and climate on socio-economic sectors such as: renewable energy, agriculture and urban development through the design of user-oriented services that ensure the technology transfer and the adaptation to a rapidly changing environment, especially of those highly vulnerable.

The ESS group at BSC seeks a climate scientist with experience in climate projections to work with both: climate predictions and climate projections applicable to the renewable energy sector.

The successful applicant will work on the development of climate information from the most complete set of climate simulations. This will be done in the context of the development of global climate services to optimize renewable power supply and energy demand. He/she will formulate calibrated climate forecasts for their application in a quasi-operational service for a range of identified end users.

The applicant should have in-depth experience in dealing with, formulating and verifying multi-model climate simulations. Expertise in bias correction, model combination and calibration to provide additional mdoel skill and value is essential with, ideally, knowledge of empirical downscaling techniques. Applicants should show an interest in advancing the understanding, relevance and evaluation of climate predictions to the end users.

He/she will prepare manuscripts to be submitted for peer-reviewed publication in high-impact journals and present results at European and international conferences.

The person appointed will be involved in the EU and national-funded New European Wind Atlas project (NEWA), the Copernicus offer CLIM4ENERGY and will collaborate with partners in other European projects such as SPECS and EUPORIAS. His/her activity will be positioned within the context of WMO’s Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS). The aim of such projects and the GFCS is to advance climate predictions to provide actionable sub-seasonal to decadal climate information to key sectors of society. This position therefore presents the opportunity to work alongside a wide range of leading, international climate scientists delivering cutting-edge climate science and climate services across Europe. The incumbent will enjoy joining one of the leading and most dynamic European groups in the field of climate prediction for climate services.

Key Duties

Perform user-oriented research. Understand user needs and facilitate technology transfer to the energy sector. Engage in literature searches. Perform data analysis. Communicate scientific results within the Department and in international conferences. Disseminate the resulting research in scientific papers. Interact with scientists in the group to favour synergies. Apply for competitive grants and projects.

Requirements Education Applicants must have a Ph.D. in atmospheric sciences, applied statistics, or a related field.


Ideal candidates will have several of the following attributes: Experience in handling, analysing and validating seasonal to decadal probabilistic ensemble forecasts; Experience in handling, analysing and validating global and/or regional climate model simulations; Knowledge of tropical/extratropical teleconnections (NAO, ENSO, EA, SCA, MOI); Knowledge of multivariate statistical climate data analysis. Practical experience in handling the NetCDF data format; Experience in the development or provision of forecasts for an operational service or decision support tools for end users; Experience with statistical downscaling techniques for climate data; Advanced programming skills in R, as well as knowledge of cdo, nco, fortran, C/C++ and/or python; Experience in visualization software (GIS, GMT); Knowledge of the bash shell and linux editors (Emacs, VIM); Knowledge of MS Suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel); Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English; A willingness and temperament to facilitate the communication within the group and between climate scientists/modellers, climate impact researchers, and users from local, national and international agencies, industry, and non-profit organizations.

Professional Experience Experience in similar fields will be valued. Experience in energy companies and consultancy companies will be valued.

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