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General department meeting's presentations

27 May 2021

Naming convention: Title_author_pdf & ppt

  • Overview of CES activities (Dept Day presentation by the CES group, 27th May 2021) pdf
  • The Atmospheric Composition Group in a nutshell (AC presentation for Dept Day May 2021) Carlos Pérez García-Pando, Hector Navarro, Ruben Sousse, Elisa Bergas, Cristina González, Adolfo González pdf ppt
  • What are the newcomers doing in Earth System Services? (ESS presentation for Dept Day May 2021)_Jose Cánovas, Sara Octenjak, Jan Mateu, Albert Martínez, Alvaro Criado, Konstantina Chouta, Diana Urquiza pdf ppt
  • Overview of key research activities in the Climate Prediction group (Department day 27 May 2021), Markus Donat, Roberto Bilbao, Raffaele Bernadello, Eleftheria Exarchou, Bianca Mezzina, Elif Yilmaz, Carlos Delgado, Pablo Ortega pdf
  • On the path to (gender) equity at the Earth Sciences Department (Dept Day presentation by the ES4EQ team, 27th May 2021) pdf

23 June 2016

Naming convention: Title_author_pdf & ppt

  • The climate response to volcanic eruptions, Martin Ménégoz pdf pptx
  • Auto-NMMB: NMMB/BSC-CTM usage with Autosubmit, Jordi Cuadrado odp pdf
  • Dust data assimilation, Enza Di Tomaso pptx pdf
  • Air pollution trends in Europe between 1990 and 2012, Mª Teresa Pay pptx pdf
  • Overview of hurricane and insurance-related research activities at the ES-BSC, Louis-Philippe Caron pptx pdf
  • Characterization of wind reanalysis and forecasts, Raül Marcos pptx pdf
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