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Running Autosubmit in BSC-ES

Inside our environment, Autosubmit is only allowed to run in the two dedicated machines we have for the purpose:

  • bscesautosubmit01
  • bscesautosubmit02

In order to run an experiment, first follow the next steps:

1. Login into bscesautosubmit01 or bscesautosubmit02

mcastril@bscearth396:~> ssh bscesautosubmit01
Last login: Mon Oct  7 09:44:15 2019 from
Have a lot of fun...

2. Load Autosubmit module:

mcastril@bscesautosubmit01:~> module load autosubmit

Run Autosubmit

At the time of running your experiment you have two options. The second one is for allowing you to close your session without stopping your experiment.

Run Autosubmit in the foreground. The standard way

mcastril@bscesautosubmit01:~> autosubmit run $EXPID

Where $EXPID is the ID for your experiment.

Run Autosubmit in the background. Without stopping with the session

mcastril@bscesautosubmit01:~> nohup autosubmit run $EXPID &> log &

Where $EXPID is the ID for your experiment.

You can check your running jobs at any time by executing (from inside the machine where the experiment was run):

ps aux | grep autosubmit | grep $USER

And kill them referencing their PID (the number in the second column of “ps” output):

mcastril@bscesautosubmit01:~> kill $PID
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