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Cylc (& Rose)

Cylc ( is a workflow management system developed at NIWA and the UK MetOffice. It has good cycling capabilities and it provides a friendly graphical user interface client that needs to be installed in the 'suite host'. It can be configured to submit jobs to 'task hosts' remotely using a HTTP channel, and the most common workload managers are suportted (PBS, LSF, GE, Slurm, etc.). If communications from the task host to the suite host is not permitted, polling is allowed.

How to install Cylc

  • Cylc is deployed on BSC-ES “bscearth200” virtual machine, available for all Earth department users.
  • Cylc is deployed on ECMWF “ecgate” under /home/ms/gb/frmi/ account.

It is relatively easy to install following the official quick installation guide:

Below I provide the steps I followed to deploy it on BSC-ES virtual machine. These steps could be used by BSC-operations to make the deploy available on Earth workstations via modules environment.

Cylc suite host (bscearth200)

Cylc task host (MareNostrum4)


How to use Cylc at BSC-ES

How to use Cylc at ECMWF


How to install Rose

Rosie server

How to use at BSC-ES

How to use at ECMWF

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