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This page describes additional useful information for the development of the department tools.

Matplotlib configuration

For who uses the python matplotlib library. As the Tk library (the default backend) is not installed (and must be installed compiling again python itself), to avoid the error “ImportError: No module named _tkinter”, a workaround has been implemented: modify the general configuration file of the package changing the default backend to “Agg”. It must be edited every time a new version of the package with the same default configuration will be installed.

If you want to see your plots in real time with the .show() command you should choose a graphical backend like “GTKAgg” or “Qt5Agg”. But before remember to load respective modules!

SST indices

Information about the different standard ocean indices can be found in the site of the "State of the ocean climate". This site is very useful to check the definitions of the most familiar ocean indices such as Niño3.4.

[[tools:diagnostics|Common Diagnostics (outdated)]]

Old Common diagnostics wiki page. Replaced by s2dverification package.

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