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 +This page is dedicated to collect the needs for new ocean diagnostics from the users. You can add any request you need.
 +This is a open page that is meant to evolve and to gather as many comments, discussions,​ feedback as possible.
 +This is also the place to share your experience about ocean_pp.bash/​common_ocean_post.txt.
 +| Suggested by| Diagnostic requested| Priority (1-3)| Delivery date estimation| Assigned to| Status |
 +| Virginie Guemas| Computation of density and extraction of density profiles at specific locations.| 2| | | To be done |
 +| Virginie Guemas| Indices of strength of the different gyres| 2| October 2013| VG| Done |
 +| Virginie Guemas| Meridional Overturning Stream Function as a function of density| 3| | | To be done |
 +| Virginie Guemas| Complete heat and salt budget (3D) in a specific box| 2| | | To be done |
 +| Isabel Andreu-Burillo| Mixed Layer Depth heat (salt) budget| 1| | | To be done |
 +| Virginie Guemas| thermocline depth| 1| | |  |
 +| Virginie Guemas| Indices of convection in each convective area| 3| October 2013| VG| Done |
 +| Isabel Andreu-Burillo| T/S diagrams| 1| | |  |
 +| Isabel Andreu-Burillo| loading EN3 data-set| 1| | |  |
 +| Virginie Guemas| Interpolation of velocities| 2| | |  |
 +| Isabel Andreu-Burillo| sharpness of thermocline| 1| | |  |
 +| ..| ..| ..| ..| ..| .. |
 +Your comments/​feedback about the ocean_pp/​common_ocean_post scripts:
 +  *  ...
 +What do you think about the splitting of ocean_pp.bash into ocean_pp.bash and a configuration file ?
 +VG : I think there is potential loss for the user of the overview of the very large set of functionalities
 +with such a splitting. Indeed, for a new user, selecting the basic default option in the config file is enough
 +to monitor his/her experiment with some common indexes. But for an advanced user, ocean_pp.bash is a loop over
 +the set of default option and a function of common_ocean_post.txt is called under each option with a given set of 
 +arguments. Those arguments can easily be changed to get slightly different diagnostics or indexes. For example,
 +the vert_Tsection option selects currently 6 vertical temperature sections at default locations but an
 +advanced user could get a vertical section at any location by changing the arguments of the call to cutsection.
 +In short, I think if the user does not see the ocean_pp script anymore, this script will be used as a black
 +box and the modularity allowed by the call to independent functions from common_ocean_post.txt might get lost.
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