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This is a package containing bash and R code that produces smoother fields from original ones. This has been needed in the past to produce smoother restart fields when the ocean model couldn't cope with too strong gradients.


List of functions

  • run_smoothing.bash
  • smooth_fields.R
  • replace_variables.bash



The smoothing package consists of bash and R code that runs in the following order:

1) run_smoothing.bash

—> 2) smooth_fields.R

—> 3) replace_variables.bash

1) The running parameters are set in the bash-script run_smoothing.bash. This script launches steps 2) and 3).

2) smooth_fields.R produces smooth fields from the input fields specified by the variables list varlist in step 1).

important_note At this moment, the smoothing is implemented in Loop A, which corresponds to a coastal region with the continent on the west. The smoothing is performed from the open ocean towards the coast, to bring smoother information into the smaller scales. If smoothing needs to be applied in a coastal region with a different orientation, a different loop will need to be written and a switch implemented. (contact isabel.andreu-burillo (at)

3) replace_variables.bash replaces the fields in a file by the corresponding smoothed fields, obtained in step 2).

instructions_for_running For an ORCA1L46 setup, and two start-dates, the script has run on moore in an interactive queue specifying: qrsh -l h_vmem=20G,s_rt=02:00:00,h_rt=02:00:00


The link to the GIT repository is https://dev.cfu.local/cfu_tools.git


The coordinator of this project is Domingo Manubens Gil

Any issues, please contact the developer: Isabel Andreu-Burillo

As a new user, please register to this mailing list: You'll then have access to the history of all the emails sent to the users and presenting the functions and their available options.


Package structure

How to develop

Download the repository folder to your computer ( git clone https://dev.cfu.local/cfu_tools.git <local_folder> ) and check-out to the branch you want to develop in.

Steps to add a new function to a package

  • Put the code of the function in a file.
  • Make sure the code of the function follows the style rules (information below header, history, …).
  • Fill in the file with the function documentation.

Style Guide

You can check the style guide for the Smoothing package here and here

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