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startR - Retrieval and processing of multidimensional datasets

This wiki page is gathering internal information (such as meeting minutes).

To find information and documentation of the tool visit the startR GitLab project You will find a:

  • practical guide,
  • a wiki page with FAQ and Examples, and
  • issue list
  • ecFlow configuration slides

In the GitLab project, there is also the material of this video tutorial recorded the 2nd of September 2020. The video contains the lecture part. You can do the hands-on part following the material on GitLab.

The package was published on CRAN in April 2017:

You can check the startR version installed in the WS and Nord3 in this spreadsheet.

Internal meetings

The agenda and minutes of the meetings held in July and September 2019 are here until we update this page.



You can contact An-Chi Ho or Eva Rifà

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