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A script has been written by Jordi Peralta for downloading data from MareNostrum to the CFU storage. This script is located at “/cfu/pub/scripts/transfer/” and has the necessary steps to make sure data can be properly downloaded (identical to the original ones).


Users are advised to follow these recommendations:

  • It is recommended to use this script on one of “thor” and vili
  • You have to make sure you can use the command “ssh mn” to login to MareNostrum without password (check this with Jordi, if you can not).
  • Run this script by typing the following:

./ <exp_id> <startdate> <data_type>

Where data_type can be mmo (for ocean output), mma (for atmospheric output), rest (for restart files) log (for log files)

For example: ./ b015 1960* mma

This will download all the atmosphere data for the starting dates 1960* of “b015”


  • Do not run this script in background mode, It might NOT work well or even does not work at all.
  • To copy a whole experiment, you can use a loop like the following, this will copy all the data from one experiment.


YEAR_LST=“19601101 19651101 19701101”


for year in $YEAR_LST; do

 for type in mma mmo rest log; do
   ${SCRIPT_DIR}/ ${EXPID} ${year} ${type}

done #loop for starting dates


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