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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC): Options for students' engagement

In collaboration with the UPC there are three main options for students engagement:

  1. Academic thesis (Final Degree Thesis - TFG - or Final Master Thesis - TFM -)
  2. Academic internships
  3. Non-academic internships

Academic thesis characteristics

  • The number of hours devoted to the work is fixed and depends on the specific Degree or Master program(1 ECTS ≅ 25 hours)
  • The students' enrolment is scheduled twice a year: September / February
  • The proposals (including title, objectives, brief work plan and total number of hours) have to be available for the students before the enrolment deadlines and they have to be approved by the Degree/Masters' Academic Committees.
  • The student has to develop its academic work (ideally) in 4 months (presentations are normally in February/July)
  • The student has to have a UPC academic supervisor

Academic internships

  • The number of hours devoted to the work is fixed to 360 h maximum (independently of the Degree or Master program)
  • The students' enrolment can happen any time during the year
  • The ES-BSC has to be registered in the internship system for the degree/master as institution and each specific offer has to be published independently with a brief job description and the desired student profile
  • The UPC would send the CV of the applicants for the position to the ES-BSC
  • Upon selection of one candidate the cooperation agreement and work plan have to be defined
  • The ES-BSC supervisor who has to provide a final assessment on the students' work
  • The student has to have also a UPC academic supervisor

UPC programs

Master programs

- Master Degree in Environmental Engineering ( - Master Degree in Sustainable Science and Technology ( - Master Degree in Industrial Engineering ( - Master Degree in Aeronautical Engineering (

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