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 ====== People have been working in CES team ====== ====== People have been working in CES team ======
 +==== Eloi Rodríguez Gaxas ====
 +{{:working_groups:eloi_rodriguez_photo.jpg?100 |}}
 +**Position**: Junior Research Engineer\\
 +**Interests**: HPC, Computer Sciences, Software Development \\
 +**Contact**: [[|]] - [[|Linkedin]] \\
 +==== Sonali Mayani ====
 +{{:working_groups:sonali_mayani.jpeg?100 |}}
 +**Position:** Junior Research Engineer\\
 +**Interests**: Computational Physics, High-Performance Computing, Numerical Methods \\
 +**Contact:** [[]]\\
 +**Short bio:** Sonali Mayani is a physicist from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). She has worked on developing a parallel Poisson solver targeted towards exascale computing as part of a Particle-in-Cell software, used mainly in Plasma Physics and Accelerator Physics. She joined the Computational Earth Sciences department in November 2021 to work on the land-use model (H-TESSEL), which is embedded in the IFS weather model.   
 ==== Marcus Falls ==== ==== Marcus Falls ====
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