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ML/AI tools on the POWER-CTE (P9) cluster

We recommend using a Conda environment, using the OPEN-CE distribution, rather than requesting (which implies difficult compiling processes) new Earth modules. Follow the steps listed below:

mkdir /gpfs/projects/bsc32/bsc32XXX

where XXX are the last 3 digits of your cluster username,

module load anaconda3
conda config --prepend channels 
conda create -p /gpfs/projects/bsc32/bsc32XXX/opence LIST_OF_PACKAGES 

where LIST_OF_PACKAGES is a list of packages, for example:

conda create -p /gpfs/projects/bsc32/bsc32XXX/opence tensorflow tensorflow-addons horovod jupyterlab xarray dask holoviews hvplot xarray scikit-learn opencv seaborn netcdf4
conda activate /gpfs/projects/bsc32/bsc32XXX/opence

you can use pip once you have activated your conda environment:

pip install geoviews dask_jobqueue
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