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Big Data in Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences Big Data Strategy

In order to have a clear view about the global strategy the ES department wants to adopt in the next 3 to 5 years regarding Big Data, a document has been written to describe the perspectives we have on the subject.

This document ( Big Data ES strategy) also aims at being inserted in the global BSC Big Data strategy and has been circulated internally.

Another document is being written to define a roadmap for the team “Data Diagnostic” as part of the CES group.

Red Española de Big Data para Ciencias de la Tierra

Following a first workshop held in the MINECO in Madrid in October 2015 and organized by the BSC-ES, the University of Cantabria and the CDTI, a network at Spanish level has been created to identify the common needs and problematics in Big Data for the Earth Sciences community. The target of this network is also to increase the visibility of the Spanish community in the Big Data world.

A website dedicated to this network has been created: Ciencias de la Tierra: Clima, Meteorología, Calidad del Aire.

RDA3 activities

The BSC ES has a contribution in the Work Package 2.2 of RDA3 The specific description of our work at BSC is described here Description of BSC ES tasks.

One of the objectives of the participation in this project is the creation of a new interest group in “Weather, Climate and Air Quality” of RDA.

An first workshop to initiate the work on this IG has been held the 11th of February 2016 at the BSC. The conclusions can be found here.

During the 7th RDA plenary meeting held in Tokyo in March 2016 (, the IG was officially presented during a Birds of a Feather session (

The presentations given during this session can be found here:

EGU poster: pdf

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