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Collection of Publications and access to non-open-access publications

This is a place where we can store publications relevant to our work, that might be featured in proposals or deliverables or that we simply deem useful. And hopefully it will be easier to search for them here then on a diffuse number of local hard disks…

Accessing non-open-access publications

Here is a quick and dirty hack to access non-open-access articles in case they are included in the journals that the UPC has subscriptions for and supposing that you have UPC credentials. This method is particularly useful for DOI searches (That the UPC Library tries to keep a secret it seemed to me…):

1) Visit: UPC Library DOI search portal ( (You may need to login first.)

2) Then grab the DOI of interest as in this example “” and paste it into the search field from step 1 and hit Enter. Heureka! (hopefully).

If that fails, then try this hack UPC DOI access hack

Tables of Literature potentially useful to our work...

Feel free to create more sub-pages as you see fit. Please insert any additions alphabetically by sir name of the first author.

Carbon Cycle related publications

EC-Earth inner functioning related publications

LPJGUESS inner functioning and application related publications

LAI Leaf Area Index related publications

LULCC Land Use & Land Cover Change publications

Author Title, Description, DOI, Document
Pete Smith Which practices co-deliver food security, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and combat land degradation and desertification?
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