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Attendances: Oriol Jorba (BSC), M.Teresa Pay (BSC), Eva Pérez (Gene), Cristina Alonso (Gene) and Digna Planas (Gene).

Place: Servei de Vigilància i Control de l’Aire

This meeting was a technical discussion regarding the BSC's analysis of the behaviour of the CALIOPE system to forecast NO2 during the episodes of December 2016. BSC presented the set of experiments to understand the behaviour of the model and how to improve it. Furthermore, these tests will allow understanding better the origin of this episode.


List of actions agreed in the meeting:

  • Generalitat will send us observations for NO2, NO, O3, SO2, PM10, PM2.5 and CO during December 2016
  • Generalitat will send us radiosoundings and meteorological information they have for December 2016.
  • Generalitat said CSIC usually measures PM2.5 and chemical composition. We do not know if they have good data for the episode.
  • Generalitat suggested compiling from Google information about the circulation during the episode.
  • Generalitat commented that in Barcelona this kind of events like the one in December shows a small frequent. In the long term, the biggest problem is related with the exceedances of the annual limit value for NO2. In BSC we should be able to define an index to measure how monitor the annual mean NO2 concentration during the year in order not to be exceeded.
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