Commit 7785accf authored by Javier Vegas-Regidor's avatar Javier Vegas-Regidor
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Merge branch 'master' into 'production'


See merge request !45
parents 0a49a46b e9c4bc9c
[submodule "earthdiagnostics/cmor_tables/cmip6"]
path = earthdiagnostics/cmor_tables/cmip6
url =
url =
[submodule "earthdiagnostics/cmor_tables/primavera"]
path = earthdiagnostics/cmor_tables/primavera
url =
Subproject commit a6375fe65de3cbbf936303c61a819fd96b8df2ab
Subproject commit 327fe0e9146012b4376c615b595f146130eacb9c
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