Commit cf96b279 authored by Javier Vegas-Regidor's avatar Javier Vegas-Regidor
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Simplify dockerfile

parent d607afb8
#FROM continuumio/miniconda3:jessie-20190506
FROM bsces/miniconda3:debian-stretch-20190610
# update the conda packages
RUN conda update -y conda pip
# # install development tools
# RUN apt-get update -y && apt-get install -y \
# build-essential \
# curl \
# unzip
# install environment packages
COPY . /home/root/source
WORKDIR /home/root/source
RUN ls
RUN conda env update --name base --file environment.yml && conda clean --all -y
RUN git clone
RUN pip install ./diagonals
RUN pip install /home/root/source
RUN rm -r diagonals
RUN rm -r /home/root/source
COPY . /src/earthdiagnostics
RUN git clone
RUN conda update -y conda pip && conda env update --name base --file earthdiagnostics/environment.yml && conda clean --all -y
RUN pip install ./diagonals ./earthdiagnostics && pip cache purge
RUN rm -r /src
# run tests
RUN earthdiags -h
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