Commit f3a09722 authored by Javier Vegas-Regidor's avatar Javier Vegas-Regidor
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Append regions without spaces

parent 96de041b
......@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ from earthdiagnostics.utils import Utils, TempFile
from earthdiagnostics.publisher import Publisher
from earthdiagnostics.variable import VariableType
import netCDF4
class LocalStatus(object):
"""Local file status enumeration"""
......@@ -476,6 +478,14 @@ class DataFile(Publisher):
temp, renames, must_exist=False, rename_dimension=True)
Utils.move_file(temp, self.local_file)
handler2 = Utils.open_cdf(self.local_file)
region_var = handler2.variables['region']
for i, cube in enumerate(cube_list):
encode = 'utf-8'
name = region_var[i, ...].tobytes().strip().decode(encode)
length = handler2.dimensions['region_length'].size
region_var[i, ...] = netCDF4.stringtoarr(name, length)
def _rename_coordinate_variables(self):
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