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  • v2.0.0
    18682cc6 · MONARCH v2.0.0 ·
    Release v2.0.0
        - Upgraded representation of dust processes (Klose et al., GMDD 2021)
        - Aerosol-radiation interaction allowed (only dust mode fully tested)
        - Implementation of secondary inorganic nitrate/ammonium aerosols and hydrolisis of N2O5.
        - Previous developments described in Perez et al. (2011), Spada (2015), Badia et al. (2017) and Di Tomaso et al. (2017). 
        - Preliminary version of the interface allowing flexible chemistry with the CAMP library (not fully tested)
        - NetCDF output
        - New diagnostics interface
        - Compatible with IFS and global CAMS pressure level boundary conditions
        - Configuration modes fully tested in this release: DUST, DUST_DA
        - Configuration modes with partial developments not fully tested in this release: GLOBAL_AEROSOLS, REGIONAL_CHEM, NESTING