Commit 1bda1eca authored by Pierre-Antoine Bretonnière's avatar Pierre-Antoine Bretonnière
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Merge branch 'develop-bugs' into 'master'

Develop bugs


   I have just corrected a bug in the ohc function. cdo sometimes change the name of the dimensions, in that case from x to x_2, which prevents the cdftools to work properly. I have corrected this renaming when it happens on in the ohc function.

Best regards
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......@@ -943,6 +943,13 @@ typeset var list=""
typeset var jt
for jt in $(seq 1 $ntime) ; do
cdo seltimestep,$jt $1
lstdims=`ncdump -h | awk /dimensions:/,/variables:/ | grep -v dimensions: | grep -v variables: | awk '{print $1}'`
if [[ ${lstdims/x_2} != ${lstdims} ]] ; then
if [[ ${lstdims/x} != ${lstdims} ]] ; then
ncwa -O -a x
ncrename -d x_2,x
if [[ ${lstvars/somxl010} != ${lstvars} ]] ; then
ncks -v somxl010
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