Commit 57cf4053 authored by Javier Vegas-Regidor's avatar Javier Vegas-Regidor
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Fixed climpercent variable name in daysover

parent 7118b8f2
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ class DaysOverPercentile(Diagnostic):
return job_list
def request_data(self):
var_name = '{0.variable}prct{0.start_year}{0.forecast_month}-{0.end_year}{0.forecast_month}'.format(self)
var_name = '{0.variable}prct{0.start_year}{0.forecast_month}-{0.end_year}{0.forecast_month:02d}'.format(self)
self.percentiles_file = self.request_chunk(self.domain, var_name, None, None, None,
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