Commit 71b7609d authored by Pierre-Antoine Bretonnière's avatar Pierre-Antoine Bretonnière
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Merge branch 'develop-bugs' into 'master'

Develop bugs


  A few more bugfixes that I did a few days ago

Best regards

See merge request !11
parents 4623139b 1e43b72c
......@@ -133,6 +133,8 @@ fi
# Loop on start dates
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
if [[ $intsdate -eq 0 ]] ; then intsdate=1 ; fi # if only one start date, user might set
# intsdates to 0 which leads to an infinite loop below
for ((yeari=$syeari;yeari<=$syearf;yeari=$(($yeari+intsdate)))) ; do
# Interval of years to be post-processed
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