Commit aa31194e authored by Pierre-Antoine Bretonnière's avatar Pierre-Antoine Bretonnière
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Merge branch 'bugs' into 'master'



   I have just found a fatal typo in the master branch : grid_UV which does not exist instead of grid_U and I have corrected it. This should be merged as soon as possible because it prevents from running

Best regards
parents 21b8339e f482f747
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ config_file=$1
if [[ ${listpost[@]} =~ "psi" ]] ; then
echo "The list of diags require grid_U"
list_files=$(echo ${list_files} grid_UV)
list_files=$(echo ${list_files} grid_U)
if [[ ${listpost[@]} =~ "moc" ]] ; then
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