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Travel requests

In order to accelerate the process of both organise your trips and after to receive the payment, here you have a check list of recommendations:

When requesting your trip on the on-line APP add the following information:

  • Preferred flight
  • Preferred hotel
  • Agenda
  • If you have an sponsor paying for your trip, indicate this in the comments section
  • Remember to tick the advance payment box if need it

After the trip:

  • Hand the tickets once you have completed the summary document (on-line)
  • If possible stick the tickets to a A4 sheet, this will speed up the payment process, please avoid to use staples or scotch

You will find glue on the drawer below the printer in 1C and next to the printer in 1D. Please don't hesitate in recycling printed paper that is blank on one side.

Remember to bring back with you:

  • Boarding passes
  • Meals tickets
  • Hotel invoice (unless you have a reservation document from the travel agency)
  • Used transport tickets
  • Other expenses tickets

Important information

  • The expenses have to delivered within the fiscal trimester which start in January each year: doing this on time will allow our colleagues in finances to close the fiscal period in due time (required by the Taxes Bureau) plus it will allow us to make modifications or clarifications easily as the trip is still fresh in our memory.
  • Travel petitions done with less that two weeks in advance might result in much more expense trips or even have to buy it yourself as the travel manager could be unavailable (especially during picks of work) with no time to react or the process of authorisation is delayed for any reason.
  • The projects have to be carefully assigned to a trip: modifications are possible but your petition will be cancelled and will have to be created again.
  • Remember that credit card tickets are no eligible by the auditors and won't be accepted in the project. It is necessary to show the original ticket that the shop has given you.
  • After sending a travel petition follow up on the people in charge of authorising it. If they don't approve it, I don't see the request, and I can not arrange your trip.
  • Remember you can apply for an advance of the 80% of the budget of your trip which you will receive one week prior the date of travel.

For more information regarding travels, visit the Intranet or write “travel support” on the Intranet search bar once you have logged in.

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