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This section contains information about the seminars done by external people and where everybody could assist and a list with the conferences and workshops organised by the BSC.

Public Seminars

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location Hour
2017/10/02 Pavla Dagsson Waldhauserová (University of Iceland) Iceland – the largest and most active desert in the Arctic and Europe Nexus II, Aula formación 11:30
2017/09/19 Leocadia Zhou (Fort Hare University, South Africa) Policies and communication adaptation strategies to climate change in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa Nexus II, Aula formación 12:30
2017/09/12 Belén Rogríguez-Fonseca (Complutense University of Madrid) The ocean's role in climate services: crops, health and fisheries Nexus II, Aula formación 15:00
2017/07/13 Nick Schutgens (VU University Amsterdam) Apples and oranges: evaluating models with observations Nexus II, Aula formación 15:00
2017/07/11 Emery Berger (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Performance Matters Sala D'Actes, FIB 15:00
2017/06/29 Georgiy L. Stenchikov (King Abdullah University) Dust Impact on the Middle East Climate and the Red Sea: Observations, Modeling, and Validation Nexus II, Aula formación 12:00
2017/06/22 Albert Ossó (University of Reading) Observational evidence of European summer weather patterns predictable from spring Nexus II, Aula formación 12:30

Getting to the BSC

Workshops and Conferences


  • 38th International Technical Meeting on Air Pollution Modelling and its Application, 18-22 October





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