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Director of the department

Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes

Personal page
Head of BSC-ES dept. and ICREA Research Professor
Member of the Polar Prediction Project (ppp) scientific committee
Leader of the PRACE project hi_res_clim
Interests: climate variability, prediction and services, ranging from one month to several years.

Support Staff

Gabriela Tarabanoff


Project Management Office (PMO)

Mar Rodríguez

Senior Project manager
Interests: European and national projects, international tenders, private contracts email: mar.rodriguez at

Dorota Jouet (Chmielewska)

Project manager
Interests: European projects, Copernicus contracts email: dorota.jouet at

Project Management Office (PMO): Personal Grants

Marta Rossello

Senior Project manager
Interests: ERC grants, insitutional projects email: marta.rossello at

Katia Pistrin

Project manager
Interests: Personal grants (national and regional), Documentalist email: katia.pistrin at

Research groups

Climate Prediction (Pablo Ortega and Markus Donat)

Atmospheric Composition (Carlos Pérez García-Pando and Oriol Jorba)

Earth System Services (Albert Soret)

Computational Earth Sciences (Kim Serradell)

Support groups

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