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Director of the department

Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes

Personal page
Head of BSC-ES dept. and ICREA Research Professor
Member of the Polar Prediction Project (ppp) scientific committee
Leader of the PRACE project hi_res_clim
Interests: climate variability, prediction and services, ranging from one month to several years.

Support Staff

Elisenda Fabregat


Project Management Office (PMO)

PMO Presentation

Ongoing and submitted proposals along with the participation in the future Horizon Europe calls can be found in this spreadsheet

Mar Rodríguez

Senior Project manager
Interests: European and national projects, international tenders, private contracts email: mar.rodriguez at

Dorota Jouet (Chmielewska)

Research Project Manager
Interests: European projects, Copernicus contracts
Working hours: 8:00 - 16:30
email: dorota.jouet at

Marsia Ellina

Research Project Manager
Interests: European and International Projects
email: marsia.ellina at

Project Management Office (PMO): Personal Grants

Marta Rossello

Senior Project manager
Interests: ERC grants, insitutional projects email: marta.rossello at

Katia Pistrin

Project manager
Interests: Personal grants (national and regional), Documentalist email: katia.pistrin at

Research groups

Climate Variability and Change (Pablo Ortega and Markus Donat)

Atmospheric Composition (Carlos Pérez García-Pando and Oriol Jorba)

Earth System Services (Albert Soret)

Computational Earth Sciences (Kim Serradell)

Global Health Resilience (Rachel Lowe)

Support groups

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