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The tools shared within ES can be downloaded from different GIT repositories, although some of them are installed on ES machines by default. When a tool is deployed on the machine, it is preferred to use the installed version because it will be always the last available stable version.

To run experiments you can use Autosubmit in combination with the auto-models repositories. For instance, Auto-EC-Earth is used to launch EC-Earth experiments with Autosubmit.

The climate experiments can be postprocessed by using:

The links above are pointing to both tool's general documentation. To learn more about how to run them in BSC please refer to these GitLab projects:

The R tools can be used for postprocessing experiments: loading data, computing prediction scores, indices or calibrate experiments as well as plotting, formating data and saving data. Furthermore, by dividing the data in chunks, you can speed your execution by using startR. You can join the Earth RTools mailing list to receive the latest updates about news. Please, follow the links to learn more about:

And many other tools can be found under:

Older experiments have been postprocessed using the following now deprecated tools:

A quick presentation about how to use these old oceanic and atmospheric post processing tools can also be found here: tools_meeting_presentation.pdf. More details can be found in the wikis for each project


Autosubmit launches and monitors experiments on any Platforms used at Earth Sciences Department. A general description, what is the goal of Autosubmit, how it works, user's manual and documentation is available here.


This tool provides automated data collection from the EEA's Air Quality Portal (up-to-date EIONET Air Quality observations)

Perturbation of atmospheric forcing

Atmospheric Composition tools


Repository coordinators

Every tool has it's source code in a git repository in the ES GitLab. Here you can find the list of coordinators for every project.

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