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Here is below a brief description of the new version release of NEMO model, including the ongoing issues and a brief summary of previous releases.


The auto-nemo v3.6a and testing it to be able to submit an experiment with Autosubmit3:

  • IPSL nemo-3.6 and xios-1.0 (as sources)
  • SMHI EC-Earth3.2alpha (as compilation keys, namelists and outclass)
  • Configurations:
    • ORCA1L75_LIM3 (SR1)
    • ORCA1L75_LIM3_NUDG (SR2)
    • ORCA025L75_LIM3 (HR1)
    • ORCA025L75_LIM3_NUDG (HR2)
  • Templates (inspired from auto-ecerath3's nemo3)
  • plugins (v1.0.1)
  • ocean-diagnostics (v2.0.3)
  • target platforms: marenostrum3, ithaca and ecmwf-cca
  • update submodules w.r.t.

Ongoing issues

  • Prepare and test ORCA1L75_LIM3 (Valentina)
  • Prepare and test ORCA1L75_LIM3_NUDG (Valentina)
  • Prepare and test ORCA025L75_LIM3 (Oriol)
  • Prepare and test ORCA025L75_LIM3_NUDG

Completed issues

Previous versions

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