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Here is below a brief description of the new version release of Ec-Earth model, including the ongoing issues and a brief summary of previous releases.


The auto-ecearth3 v3.2betaa (git submodule connected to SVN and sim using run script) and testing it to be able to submit an experiment with Autosubmit3:

  • Unordered List Itembug fixes of v3.1f (in auto-ecearth3.git) and merging beta_3_2 (which has connection with svn and also have two new tiny jobs called pre-sim and post-sim) into develop
  • revising the platform's configuration and also compilation.cmd
  • test-suite: old configurations and new one for EN4
  • sources: v3.2beta using autosubmit3. State
  • s2dverification: v2.4.6
  • spec2cmor: v2.0.1
  • dignostics: atmosphere (v2.2.1) & ocean (v2.0.3)
  • plugins: v1.0.1

Ongoing issues

  • Use of Xios: The XIOS IO server used by NEMO allows to write directly only in one file and to perform operations before the output. The modifications needed to use XIOS servers can be found in develop_HR1 of auto-nemo. (Chloe)
  • Initial conditions for EC-Earth 3.2 beta (Mingu)
  • Output issue with a022: Why the NEMO is showing a wrong output behaviour when PISCES is activated at MN3 while at Ithaca is correct. (Mario)
  • Ecearth run-script to be run from SIM template (Mingu)

Completed issues

  • Git submodule connected to SVN (Mingu)

Previous versions

V3.1f (Released on December 16, 2015)

Completed issues

  • LOCALPOST and PLOT jobs: Regarding the inclusion of this feature in auto-ecearth3 v3.1f
  • Sea ice problem (high resolution and lim3)
  • Testing suite: Prepare a test folder into auto-ecearth3 with all test-cases configuration files to be able rerun the test suite easily
  • WARNING date +%Y_%m_%d_%H_%M: Consecutive % at a single line produces Autosubmit warnings
  • Problem in selecting the level in the oceanic initial condition
  • Problem using CMORIZATION: Problem using Cmorization as user belonging to bsc32
  • SCRATCH_DIR: unbound variable
  • Testing v3.1f: In connection to the release of v3.1f of the project; 17 test experiments expressed in the following shared link were started
  • Localpost and HR for v3.1f
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