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Reichler and Kim 2008 Performance Index package
adapted for EC-Earth3 production runs by Paolo Davini (ISAC-CNR)
and updated for IC3 climate simulations by François Massonnet (UCL/IC3)

This package contains the scripts necessary to compute the RK PI metric starting from EC-Earth3 output (*not* spin-up templates). It constructs 2×2 degree remapped files for input to a modified version of the RK PI scripts by Xueli Wang (KNMI).


The original link to the tar file is available from the EC-Earth portal, but a slightly modified version is hosted at IC3 and must be used.

From an IC3 terminal fetch the ecmean_IC3.tar archive to your preferred directory, and untar it

cp ~fmassonnet/ECMean/ecmean_IC3.tar ./
tar xf ecmean_IC3.tar


Folders: ./ECMean

            <Contains the climatological reference data>

Files marked with an asterisk (and obelisk) have been modified or added, compared to the original version of ECMean available on the EC-Earth development portal.


A recent version of CDO (tested with CDO 1.6.3).


Edit the config file, containing paths and run info.

vi ./script/

Change the variables PIDIR, STARTDATE, MEMBER, DATADIR, OUTDIR, CLIMDIR (descriptions are provided)


1) Run the preparation script that turns MMO* and MMA* types of output into something that the ECMean scripts can read. The first argument of the command must be the experiment name and the second and third one the first and last years to be processed, respectively.

EXAMPLE: ./ e00s fc2 1990 1992

As explained in the “Limitations” section below, the EC-Earth output must be delivered in 12-month chunks starting the 1st of January of each year.

2) Run the scripts for computing indices

EXAMPLE: ./ e00s fc2 1990 1992

The script successively calls the scripts, and located in the directory ./scripts/


  • The set of metrics has to extended to other grids than ORCA1L46
  • Only works for 12-month chunks with starting 1st of January, and on monthly output
  • not working yet
  • Works member per member, and start date by start date. A “sed” command could facilitate things
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