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EMoP has been develop by Laurent Brodeau and available at


In the context of high resolution spin-up experiments the package has been explored at IC3 and here is below the list of phases about how it could be used in the context of our framework.

  • phase-0:

- step-1: take model raw output and run Klaus's pp-tool (released with EMoP)

- Comment: As we run experiments with autosubmit at IC3 so the phase-0 is not exactly applicable. Hence our step-1 is to perform experiment with eceath3-spin template by using outclass spin (where Klaus's pp-tool is already available). In the context of using EMoP the major limitation till date is; the model should be run as a one year chunk starting from yyyy0101 till yyyy1231.

  • phase-1 (generate timeseries_plots):

- step-1: -f

- step-2: -e # to generate plots

- step-3: -f

- step-4: -e # to generate plots

  • phase-2 (generate diagnostic_plots):

- step-1:

- step-2: diag_mod_vs_obs.csh


- EMoP is available at /cfu/pub/scripts/emop and has been partially tested by using only “odin” (the machine which fulfil the need of pre-requisite tools/packages) while the detailed user manual could be found at emo_p_user_manual.pdf


- User require to copy the EMoP.cmd at some appropriate location and then launch it like as given below:

 ./EMoP.cmd e00t T255L91 ORCA1L46 19900101 fc0 1990 1999"

after successfully completing the processing of EMoP.cmd user will find the following stuff as an output:

file:/cfu/diagnostics/emop/e00t/19900101/fc0/time_series/e00t/atmosphere/index.html file:/cfu/diagnostics/emop/e00t/19900101/fc0/time_series/e00t/ocean/index.html


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