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Reichler and Kim 2008 Performance Index package
adapted for EC-Earth3 tuning
June 2013

This package contains the scripts necessary to compute the RK PI metric starting from EC-Earth3 output. It uses the output of the HiResClim postprocessor ( to construct 2×2 degree remapped files for input to a modified version of the RK PI scripts by Xueli Wang (KNMI). For convenience a copy of the HiResClim postprocessor is included, if you do not already have your own.


Folders: hiresclim - a copy of the HiResClim postprocessor LIB - the scripts and sources for the PI calculation Climate_obs_data - the climatological obs data (the same as for the original PI RK package)


1) a recent version of CDO (tested with CDO 1.5.5)

2) GRADS (tested with grads 2.0.a9)

3) The HiResClim postprocessor also needs a working copy of cdftools ( and of the NEMO mask file for the ORCA1L46 resolution (see the HiResClim page for instructions)

4) A fortran compiler (tested with gfortran and ifort)

  • Ferret is not needed anymore


Modify directory definitions to adapt to your machine layout in the following files:

1) hiresclim/ (the HiResClim postprocessor master). This script is called by the main driver

2) (This script takes the output of the ECE3 postprocessor and remaps it to 2×2 degrees+some unit conversions)

3) PI_all.csh (This is the main driver for the PI index calculation)

4) (computes global means of radiative variables + a few selected variables )


1) HiResClim postprocessing (if you do not have it yet)

  ./ is a driver which runs the HiresClim postprocessing for a range of years.
  ./ itr1 2100 2130
  will postprocess raw ECE3 output and copy it to directories defined in hiresclim/ for experiment io01

- the copy of the HiresClim postprocessor included here is identical to the original, only the here has been adapted for a different directory layout/machine

2) Conversion to 2×2 degrees (based on CDO)

  ./ itr1 2100 2130
  Will take the output of the previous step and will create the etc. files needed by the RK PI toolkit.

3) Computation of the RK index (based on CDO+grads+fortran)

  ./ itr1
  will take the output of the previous step (for experiment io01)
  and will create two files PI.txt and gmt.txt in a working directory.

4) Computation of global means:

  ./ itr1 2100 2130
  The output is written in a textfile in the chosen output subdirectory


The main changes with respect to the original RK PI scripts are the following:

- all necessary unit conversions are now performed in the script

- Ferret is not used anymore, all done in CDO. Fluxes are regridded using remapcon (conservative remapping for extensive variables). Also for other (intensive) atmospheric variables we use remapcon (we want the area averages over 2×2 to be correct). Ocean variables use remapbil (remapcon does not work with ORCA). Tried also using remapbil for all intensive variables: only minimal changes in the final PI (slightly worse).

- hard-coded paths have been removed from the scripts+fortran sources + minor update to fortran syntax to allow wider compatibility

- the original scripts were using the ECE v2 land-sea masks. Updated.

- the RK PI scripts do NOT rely on the availability of an external ocean mask files, the mask is recovered directly from the salinity files (checked identical)

- This is for the non-PrepIFS model. For now removed the PrepIFS scripts, this package contains only what is strictly needed.

- Added ssrd and strd to HiresClim postprocessor


- PI3 is available at: /cfu/pub/scripts/PI3


- User require to copy the PI3.cmd at some appropriate location and then launch it like as given below:

./PI3.cmd m02h 19900101 fc0 1990 1999

- The m02h was EC-Earth 3.0.1 experiment with T255L91-ORCA1L46-LIM3 configuration by using ecearth3-spin template (this new set of template is essential for producing first the pp-tools formatted output as designed by Klaus Wyser from SMHI before using the PI3 package modified and adopted for EC-Earth3 by Jost von Hardenberg from CNR).

- gmt.txt


- PI.txt


- Global_Mean_Table.txt



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