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PISCES-v2 (Pelagic Interactions Scheme for Carbon and Ecosystem Studies volume 2) is a biogeochemical model which simulates the lower trophic levels of marine ecosystems (phytoplankton, microzooplankton and mesozooplankton) and the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and of the main nutrients (P, N, Fe, and Si). The model is intended to be used for both regional and global configurations at high or low spatial resolutions as well as for short-term (seasonal, interannual) and long-term (climate change, paleoceanography) analyses.


  • Marenostrum3


  • Why should I run PISCES
  • How do I run PISCES in EC-Earth
  • How do I run PISCES coupled only with NEMO

People involved

Valentina Sicardi (

Raffaele Bernardello (

Running PISCES

Biogeochemical Initial conditions

Further Reading

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