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Traces of OASIS functions

In this section there are two traces that show how the most important OASIS functions, such as init, put, get or terminate, are called. As well as in traces of the largest functions, we used burst mode in order to generate light traces. The trace is available on /gpfs/projects/bsc32/share/traces/EC-Earth_3.2beta/burst_oasis_functions_no_northfold_opt_1week_ifs-128_nemo-128 (MareNostrum).


  • Coupled EC-Earth 3.2beta: IFS, NEMO 3.6, LIM3, XIOS, Runoff-mapper, OASIS3-MCT
  • 128 NEMO tasks
  • 128 IFS tasks
  • 1 Runoff-Mapper task
  • 1 xios task
  • MareNostrum III, 16 tasks/node
  • T255L91-ORCA1L46
  • 1 week of simulation

Trace of the whole execution

Trace of the whole execution

Trace of data exchange detail

Trace of data exchange detail

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