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The spin outclass has been defined for historical/spin-up sort of long experiments under the framework of HiResClim (

Here are below the essential pre-requisites before someone start using this outclass:

  • template: ECEARTH3-SPIN (where Klaus's pp-tool has been embedded and the output is generated in PPA and PPO format rather MMA and MMO)
  • cdo: v1.5+ (default archdef.conf)
  • cdftools: v3.0 (default archdef.conf)


  • IFS
  1. MSLP
  2. T2M
  3. D2M
  4. precipitation (LS and CONV)
  5. evaporation
  6. SFC momentum flux
  7. SFC energy fluxes (SW, LW, latent and sensible heat)
  8. TOA energy fluxes (SW, LW)
  9. precipitable water,
  10. LWP
  11. IWP
  12. total and low/mid/high cloud cover
  13. T/Q/U/V/Z on pressure levels 850/500/200
Compute monthly means of these variables, "de-accumulate" fluxes
Make some simple global mean diagnostics: SFC and TOA energy fluxes, P minus E
  • NEMO
  1. temperature (3-d)
  2. salinity (3-d)
  3. meridional velocity (3-d)
  4. sea-ice concentration
  5. sea-ice thickness
  6. SSH
  7. SST
  8. SSS
Output can be further reduced by computing ocean diagnostics with cdftools:
- meridional overturning circulation
- barotropic stream function
- mixed layer depth
- ocean heat content
Save only 2-d surface fields: SST, SSH, SSS and sea-ice


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