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SPPT perturbations with EC-Earth3

The stochastically perturbed parameterization tendencies scheme (SPPT) can be activated in EC-Earth3 by using appropriate namelists for IFS. To use SPPT in your seasonal forecast experiment, use template branch develop-SPPT and model branch develop-v3.0.1_SPPT with Autosubmit 2.3 or higher. Default settings for the SPPT scheme are suggested in the expdef.conf file of the experiment you create.

Stochastic dynamics perturbations with EC-Earth3

Warning: Stochastic dynamics is still under testing phase…

Changes in IFS code and templates for seasonal hindcast experiments can be found in templates branch develop-StochDynam and model branch develop-v3.0.1_StochDynam. For now these branches are adapted to Autosubmit 2.2 but changes in templates for Autosubmit 2.3 should be straightforward.

The first step before running a stochastic dynamics experiment is making sure the perturbation data from the reference nudged IFS experiment is available on the HPC (ask Asif).

Any questions, feel free to contact lauriane[DOT]batte[AT]meteo[DOT]fr.

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