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The objective is to deploy automatically different versions of EC-Earth on MareNostrum using the directory structure agreed by the CFU members (instead of the one provided by default in the EC-Earth releases). To accomplish this task, a suite of scripts has been prepared and kept at the common place “/gpfs/projects/ecm86/common/scripts/deploy”.


1. Modify the configuration file deploy.conf. For example, for v2.2:

  • model=ecearth
  • version=v2.2.0
  • source_dir=/HSM/ecm86/EC_EARTH_RELEASES/v2.2
  • patch_dir=/HSM/ecm86/PATCH
  • patch_file=ecearth2.2-marenostrum-20100711.tar
  • settings_file=settings.ibmpower5.orca1.MareNostrum
  • deploy_dir_base=/gpfs/projects/ecm86
  • tmp_path=/scratch

2. Submit the job at queue “mnsubmit”

After completion of the job at MareNostrum, EC-Earth would be ready for test and use at the deployment directory “/gpfs/projects/ecm86/ecearth/v2.2.0” (as specified in example above in the variable deploy_dir_base). After the successful deployment of EC-Earth, the user will find a set of directories at the deployment location. The section below describes briefly the list of directories created and their purpose.

By using this tool multiple EC-Earth versions have been produced and kept at the common EC-Earth location “/gpfs/projects/ecm86/ecearth”. Similarly, with the help of this tool and making appropriate modifications in “deploy.conf” EC-Earth can also be deployed at any other suitable location.

At the moment, the sources and patches for the different EC-Earth releases have been stored on HSM. If there is a need to change this location (specifically other than HSM), the scripts and will have to be modified accordingly.

In order to use this tool, simply visit the common directory mentioned above and follow the instructions below:

Directory structure

A set of directories is created by the tool:

  • sources

This directory contains the source code and compiled code of the EC-Earth release along with the default EC-Earth directory structure.

  • bin

After the successful compilation of EC-Earth, all obtained binaries (executables) are moved to this location.

  • inidata

The driving data sets got with every release of EC-Earth are kept at this location.

  • scripts

The simulation launching scripts are placed at this location.

  • setup

The simulation launching scripts of EC-Earth needed some other helping scripts for its different components (such as oasis3, nemo, ifs etc) which has been kept here.

  • patches


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