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This is the ocean_diagnostics developers page. Here, developers can consult and update information related to the maintenance and upgrade of the ocean_diagnostics tools, keep track and notify of errors or any ocean-diagnostics related issues.

  • List of new diagnostics required (links to Ocean diagnostics survey page):
    • Computation of density and extraction of density profiles at specific locations.
    • Indices of strength of the different gyres
    • Meridional Overturning Stream Function as a function of density
    • Complete heat and salt budget (3D) in a specific box
    • Mixed Layer Depth heat (salt) budget
    • Thermocline depth
    • Indices of convection in each convective area
    • T/S diagrams
    • Interpolation of velocities
  • Suggestions of improvements in the codes
    • Could some diagnostics be grouped? Some diagnostics are interrelated and they all require cping the tarballs, untarring and decompressing. For the moment it looks like these pre-processing steps are repeated for each diagnostic (is this right). Grouping them would improve efficiency.
    • In common_ocean_post.txt: Need to specify the dimensions of the input and output fields in the argument information.
Name of the improvement Start date estimation Duration Status
Nonstandard file names
Grouping diagnostics
.. .. .. ..
  • Updates (new version, migrations…)
    • Update CDF (from 2.1 to 3.4.1) and CDO (from to 1.6.1) tools to latest version
Name of the update Start date estimation Duration Status
Update CDF and CDO tools
.. .. .. ..
  • Remaining bugs to be corrected in the codes
    • Not a bug, but a generalization to be made:

In common_ocean_post.txt the line: 828 cdo setgrid,t106grid does not invert the grid for the case NEMO_VERSION=Ec3.0_O25L46, now line 829 cdo invertlatdata $3 needs to be inside an “if” statement, or re-written.

  • * …

To keep track of the previously encountered bugs, once a error is corrected, the corresponding error log is archived on this page.

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