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Preliminary step

First of all, please check that the reference files for your nudged experiments are available on the platform you would like to run at the location : HSM_DIR/nudging/REFERENCE/CONFIG/fcMEMB/ where REFERENCE is the name of the ocean reanalysis you would like to nudge to (fa9p / s4 / glorys2v1 = 3 options available currently ), CONFIG is the ocean model resolution (ORCA1L42 / ORCA1L46 / ORCA025L46 / ORCA025L75) and MEMB is the member.

If you would like to prepare new reference files, their naming should follow the convention : = one file containing 3-dimensional monthly mean temperature and salinity.

Progress with the validation

NEMO-only experiments

In the NEMO templates the ocean nudging is available through a simple activation of the OCEAN_NUDGING = TRUE flag in your expdef_EXPID.conf file and the choice of the ocean reanalysis you would like your experiment to : OCEAN_NUDDATA = fa9p / s4 / glorys2v1 ( 3 options available currently )

EC-Earth 3 experiments

Please use the templates available in the branch named ocean_nudging together with the model source code and namelists available in the branch named develop-v3.0.1_OceNudg. After the model has been compiled remotely on the HPC, check that the key_tradmp, key_dtatem, and key_dtasal have been activated (the keys must be listed in SCRATCH_DIR/EXPID/model/sources/sources/nemo-3.3.1/CONFIG/YOURCONFIG/cpp_YOURCONFIG.fcm). Also, check that you have in your working directory, the file for the correct configuration that you can find here: /home/vguemas/NudgingEcEarth3/, /home/vguemas/NudgingEcEarth3/, /home/vguemas/NudgingEcEarth3/ (you can use md5sum to check that you have the correct file). Finally, similarly to NEMO-only experiments, you need to set the OCEAN_NUDGING = TRUE and choose an option for OCEAN_NUDDATA.


If you have any question, please feel free to contact

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