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Tutorials repository

This section contains details on the past tutorials by the BSC Computational Earth Sciences group.

Past sessions

Title Description Type Associated files Date
Autosubmit Tutorial: Getting started with Autosubmit and EC-Earth 3.2 beta Autosubmit is a python tool to create, manage and monitor experiments by using computing resources available at computing clusters and supercomputers. It offers support for experiments running in more than one platform and for different workflow configurations. You can monitor an EC-Earth experiment with Autosubmit for several start dates, ensemble members and chunks. There will be a 1-hour hands-on at this session, given by Domingo Manubens from BSC Earth Sciences department, which will address the following: How to configure Autosubmit? How to create an experiment? How to run EC-Earth?. Note that a small amount of setup is required before the session, so please follow instructions in the setup chapter of the tutorial guide Tutorial Guide VirtualBox Image Slides February 2nd 2016
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