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People have been working in CES team

Pablo Echevarria

Position: Research software engineer
Interests: Agile methodology, testing, automatization, science model workflows, Software engineering, HPC, Linux.
Contact: Linkedin

Joan Sala Calero

Senior Research Engineer
Interests: Data management and visualization, Geospatial GIS, Image processing
Contact: Linkedin

Jesús Peña-Izquierdo

Position: Postdoctoral researcher
Interests: Physical Oceanography, Climate Data Science, Deep Learning
Contact: - Linkedin

Iván Cernicharo Ortiz

Position: Junior Research Engineer
Interests: Earth Sciences, Data Science, Machine Learning
Contact: - Linkedin

Alasdair Hunter

Position: Software engineer
Interests: Statistical programming, statistical analysis of climate and extreme events, catastrophe modelling, extratropical cyclones

Alicia Sanchez Lorente

Computational Earth Sciences Co-Manager -
Interests: Research Management, BigData and Data Sciences(Machine Learning applications in Earth Sciences)
Earth system models, High performance computing, performance analysis and Co-Team management.

Domingo Manubens

Software engineer - Linkedin
Interests: Workflows, High Performance Computing

Laura Cifuentes Fontanals

Position: Junior Developer
Interests: Mathematical modelling, Data science, Big data.

Larissa Batista Leite

Position: Research Engineer
Interests: Software Engineering, Workflow management, Big Data and Machine Learning, Research

Júlia Giner

Position: Junior Developer
Interests: Data management, Big data, Climate data, Climate forecasting.

Joan Lopez

Computer engineer with a BsC in Computer Architecture.
Position: Junior Developer
Interests: Agile methodologies, software quality, clean code
Contact: joan.lopez@bsc.esTwitter, Linkedin

Jordi Cuadrado

Oriol Mula

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