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People have been working in CES team

Eloi Rodríguez Gaxas

Position: Junior Research Engineer
Interests: HPC, Computer Sciences, Software Development
Contact: - Linkedin

Sonali Mayani

Position: Junior Research Engineer
Interests: Computational Physics, High-Performance Computing, Numerical Methods

Short bio: Sonali Mayani is a physicist from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). She has worked on developing a parallel Poisson solver targeted towards exascale computing as part of a Particle-in-Cell software, used mainly in Plasma Physics and Accelerator Physics. She joined the Computational Earth Sciences department in November 2021 to work on the land-use model (H-TESSEL), which is embedded in the IFS weather model.

Marcus Falls

Position: Research engineer
Interests: Python, data analysis, climate modelling.
Contact: Linkedin

Marcus is a Research Engineer in the Computational Earth Sciences Group. He has a BSc (with Honours) in Mathematics from the University of St Andrews, Scotland and a Master’s in Modelling for Science and Engineering from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Having focused on applied mathematics during his Bachelor’s (including dynamical systems, fluid mechanics, differential equations and symbolic computation) he completed his final year dissertation on numerical weather modelling. During his time in the Master’s, he took an internship at Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA-UAB) where he worked on the assessment of model performance of meteorological and air quality models over Barcelona using Python. He has worked in the Earth Science department since September 2018, working very closely with the biogeochemists in the Climate Prediction Group as part of the ORCAS project. This work has involved implementing the Transport Matrix Method (TMM) to the ocean model, processing and reformatting raw data from autonomous sensors from the ocean to be used by departmental tools, and analysing different methods to perform sensitivity analysis, including the use of a genetic algorithm and Uranie for the ESCAPE2 project.

Javier Vegas

Software engineer
Interests: Climate diagnostics, data standards

Short bio: Javier Vegas-Regidor is a Physics and Computer Sciences graduated from the University of Salamanca. He joined BSC Earth Sciences Department in 2015 and he is currently the person in charge of the climate diagnostics for the Earth Sciences Department. He is also part of the core development team of ESMValTool in behalf of BSC-ES and the PRIMAVERA H2020 project. His main responsibilities include the enhancement and maintenance of the current tools but also exploring new tools and technologies that can be applied to diagnostics.

Nuria Pérez-Zanón

Position: Postdoctoral researcher
Interests: Climatology, Meteorology, Statistical Programming, Extreme Events, Data Sciences
Contact: - LinkedIn
Short bio: Núria Pérez-Zanón is a postdoctoral researcher and member of the Data and Diagnostic teams in the Computational Earth Sciences group at BSC. With a background in Physics and Meteorology (degrees from the University of Barcelona; UB), she obtained her PhD from Rovira i Virgili University (URV) in 2017 on Climate variability and Change detection in the central Pyrenees using instrumental and paleoclimate proxy data. This expertise includes quality control and homogenization methodologies for observed in-situ data, as well as, the methodologies to explore the relationship between natural proxies (tree-ring data and lake sediments) and observed climate, such as time series analysis and spectral analysis (e.g.: clustering, Principal Component Analysis and Wavelet analysis). During the thesis, one year and a half of research stay in LOCEAN (Laboratoire d’Océanographie et du Climat) allowed to work in the reconstruction of past modes of variability. She is the author of 8 peer-reviewed articles in international journals. She was recognized with the Eduard Fontserè 2015 international award for the study of mortality due to heatwaves in the Barcelona metropolitan area. After working in the H2020 Indecis project as a postdoctoral researcher in the URV, she is currently working in Earth Sciences department at BSC, mainly involved in several Copernicus Climate Change Contracts (C3S_512, MAGIC,…) and the MEDSCOPE ERA4CS project. She is also coordinating the development and maintenance of the R tools of the department which cover the scientific needs from loading big datasets until applied best state-of-the-art methodologies for correcting, assessing, calibrating and processing sub-seasonal to decadal forecast and climate projections by adapting them efficiently to High Performance Computing resources.

Daniel Trujillo Viedma

Position: Research Engineer
Interests: Software Engineering, Functional Programming, Big Data.
Short Bio: Daniel is a Research Engineer in the Data and Diagnostics Team from the Computational Earth Sciences group. He is a Software Engineer from the University of Jaén, and is finishing his end-of-master thesis on an Apache Spark-powered implementation of a classic rule extraction algorithm. He is currently working on the Quality Assessment of the Copernicus Climate Data Store toolbox, testing the tools provided to the users and its documentation.

Wilmer Uruchi Ticona

MIRI Student
Position: Research Engineer
Interests: Advanced Computing, Algorithmics, Mathematics, Statistics, Probability.
I enjoy talking about movies, literature, music, and random topics.

Amalia Vradi

Position: Junior Research Engineer
Short Bio: Amalia Vradi is a Junior Research Engineer in the Computational Earth Sciences Group. She holds a BSc in Informatics, and currently, she is undertaking a Master's in Innovation and Research in Informatics from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya, with a specialization in Data Science. In her work, she is working closely with the Atmospheric Composition group, developing tools that allow on-the-fly analysis of experiment output with respect to processed observational data.

Giulia Carella

Postdoctoral Researcher
Interests: Statistics, Spatio-temporal statistics, Bayesian methods, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Open Science, Climatology, R and Python scientific development
Contact: Linkedin GitHub

Oriol Tintó

PhD Student in High Performance Computing for Ocean Modeling

Interests: Earth Sciences, Computer Sciences, Modeling and Technology

Pablo Echevarria

Position: Research software engineer
Interests: Agile methodology, testing, automatization, science model workflows, Software engineering, HPC, Linux.
Contact: Linkedin

Joan Sala Calero

Senior Research Engineer
Interests: Data management and visualization, Geospatial GIS, Image processing
Contact: Linkedin

Jesús Peña-Izquierdo

Position: Postdoctoral researcher
Interests: Physical Oceanography, Climate Data Science, Deep Learning
Contact: - Linkedin

Iván Cernicharo Ortiz

Position: Junior Research Engineer
Interests: Earth Sciences, Data Science, Machine Learning
Contact: - Linkedin

Alasdair Hunter

Position: Software engineer
Interests: Statistical programming, statistical analysis of climate and extreme events, catastrophe modelling, extratropical cyclones

Alicia Sanchez Lorente

Computational Earth Sciences Co-Manager -
Interests: Research Management, BigData and Data Sciences(Machine Learning applications in Earth Sciences)
Earth system models, High performance computing, performance analysis and Co-Team management.

Domingo Manubens

Software engineer - Linkedin
Interests: Workflows, High Performance Computing

Laura Cifuentes Fontanals

Position: Junior Developer
Interests: Mathematical modelling, Data science, Big data.

Larissa Batista Leite

Position: Research Engineer
Interests: Software Engineering, Workflow management, Big Data and Machine Learning, Research

Júlia Giner

Position: Junior Developer
Interests: Data management, Big data, Climate data, Climate forecasting.

Joan Lopez

Computer engineer with a BsC in Computer Architecture.
Position: Junior Developer
Interests: Agile methodologies, software quality, clean code
Contact: joan.lopez@bsc.esTwitter, Linkedin

Jordi Cuadrado

Oriol Mula

Alejandro Alfonso Hernández

Position: Software Engineer
Short Bio: Alejandro is a Software Engineer with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Barcelona with experience in software development. Interested in the field of Data Science (Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning algorithms) and application development (both web and mobile).

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